Islandora Sandboxes

You can take a quick test drive of Islandora with some limits using the sandbox links below. For complete administrative access to your own Islandora, please download a Virtual Machine or build your own Islandora from the links on our Downloads page.

Islandora 8


This sandbox pairs Drupal 8 with Fedora 5, demonstrating one possible configuration for Islandora 8. Because this version of Isandora is so flexible and places most configuration options in the hands of the front-end site builder, there are many, many ways to build your Islandora site. This sandbox uses islandora_defaults configuration found in the Islandora Playbook.

To log in use the following credentials:

Username: Test  |  Password: islandora


You can also download a local sandbox to run as a virtual machine: Islandora 8 1.1.0


Islandora 7


Our sandbox environment illustrates the basic functionality of the latest release of Islandora pairing Drupal 7 with Fedora 3. It refreshes daily to the same base image. To log in use the following credentials:

Username: admin  |  Password: islandora