Upcoming Sprint for Drupal 9 Compatibility

Drupal 9 has been out for a while, and it's about time we made the switch. Unlike the move from 7 to 8, the upgrade to 9 will be fairly smooth.  It's more of a code cleanup task as opposed to the herculean migration between versions that we're used to.  And there's already been some good community efforts around identifying the scope of what needs to be done.  There's even a pull request for the main islandora module!  But there's still a bit more to do and many hands can make light work of this.

That's why we're asking for volunteers from the community to join us from December 7th to the 18th while we prepare Islandora for Drupal 9.  We will be auditing the codebase for deprecations, fixing them, and then testing it all out.  If you or your organization need Drupal 9 readiness and don't mind helping us out, you can sign up here.  Contributions can be as small as running drupal-check on a module or doing a quick sanity test after we've removed deprecations.  And as always, commitment is as much or as little as you like. 

We hope to see you there. And if Drupal 9 isn't your thing, don't worry, we're lining up a bunch more community sprints in the new year.  There will be plenty of chances to participate if you've already got a full holiday season ahead of you.