The Islandora Foundation is a federally incorporated, community-driven soliciting non-profit operating under Corporation Number 848647-6.

The foundation serves several key roles in the Islandora Community:

  • Oversees the maintenance of the primary codebase;
  • Creates and maintain a "snippet repository" of scripts, themes and other contributed resources not part of the primary codebase;
  • Maintains the official documentation;
  • Maintains the community lists, Twitter and other social media accounts;
  • Creates and provides access to educational material, including webcasts and training videos;
  • Coordinates the annual Islandora Camps and related training events;
  • Presents at conferences and workshops;
  • Encourages participation in the community at a variety of levels.

This is a graphical representation of the Foundation's role within the larger Islandora community:

Islandora Foundation Organizational Chart

The following are the strategic goals for the Islandora Foundation for 2019 - 2020, as affirmed by our members at the 2019 AGM on August 22nd, 2019.

Community Growth and Sustainability

  • Increase adoption of Islandora and increase community engagement
  • Grow Islandora Foundation membership
  • Expand strategic partnerships 


  • Create a communication plan to promote the use of Islandora in higher education, organizations, and diverse galleries, libraries, archives, museums and beyond. This communication plan will 
    • Identify stakeholders and improve mechanisms for stakeholder feedback
    • Be a living document, open to new information and ongoing evolution of practice
    • Consider and strategize what information and channels are required to meet the Foundation’s goals for communication
    • Be visible to the Islandora community (published on the website)
    • Increase transparency in the Foundation
    • Incorporate plans for keeping stakeholders updated on the Foundation’s plans (for example, for upcoming versions of Drupal & Fedora)
    • Include an outreach component to encourage growth in the user community
  • Gather feedback from the Islandora community to inform changes to policies, roadmaps, and workflows.

Technology Roadmap & Development

  • Coordinate ongoing updates to Islandora in step with its component parts (such as Drupal and Fedora) and foster activities around migration tools to support community members. 
  • Balance support for Islandora 7x with Islandora 8 development.
  • Maintain and revise a roadmap for the future of the Islandora platform, including tools and strategies for migration.

Finance & Governance

  • Work with members and allied organizations to identify and pursue grant opportunities and partnerships
  • Review our governance and structure against peer organizations