Islandora Help


The best place to get help with Islandora is from fellow Islandora users in our community. We have active listservs for general users and for developers.

If you are looking for hosting or paid support to install, migrate, or customize, we keep a list of experienced service companies that both work on Islandora and support the project and community.


Documentation for Islandora  is on GitHub with video documentation on YouTube.

Documentation for Islandora Legacy (and Islandora 6) can be found on our wiki. Documentation for developers is on GitHub.


Modules and tools: We use GitHub to maintain curated lists of great Islandora modules and other tools developed by our community that are not included in the core release. It's called Islandora Awesome. We also maintain a set of 'recipes' for solving common and not-so-common use cases with existing tools and configuration. It's called Islandora Cookbook.

Forms: Each Islandora 7.x (Legacy) solution pack comes with an appropriate MODS ingest form. We use GitHub to keep a list of additional ready-to-import forms that have been shared by our community.

Examples: Members of the Islandora community have shared the technical specs behind their Islandora sites as Islandora Deployments.

Bibliography: We use GitHub to curate a (non-comprehensive) bibliography of Islandora presentations and publications.

Videos: We have a YouTube channel with demo  and how-to videos, contributions from our community, and presentations from long-ago Islandora events.