Getting Started with Islandora

Islandora comes in two supported versions: Drupal 8/9 paired with Fedora 6, and Drupal 7 paired with Fedora 3:


Current Version: 2.1.1

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Documentation: Text | Videos


This sandbox pairs Drupal 8 with Fedora 5, demonstrating one possible configuration for Islandora 8. Because this version of Islandora is so flexible and places most configuration options in the hands of the front-end site builder, there are many, many ways to build your Islandora site. This sandbox uses the default configuration found in the Islandora Docker.

To log in use the following credentials:

Username: test  |  Password: islandora


(or download as a Virtual Machine; see video: How to import a VM)


Islandora Legacy

Current Version: 7.x-1.13

DOWNLOAD modules


Check out the latest commits at GitHub

Check out open tickets on JIRA


This sandbox environment illustrates the basic functionality of the latest release of Islandora pairing Drupal 7 with Fedora 3. It refreshes daily to the same base image. To log in use the following credentials:

Username: admin  |  Password: islandora



Older Versions

Islandora for Drupal 6 and earlier is no longer supported. Please see the Islandora 6.x End of Life announcement for more details.