Contributing to Islandora

Islandora is an open source project that thrives on the contributions of its community of users and developers. If you would like to take part and help to maintain and grow Islandora, there are many ways that you can contribute:

Islandora Foundation

The Islandora Foundation is a member-supported non-profit whose primary mission is to steward and support the Islandora project and the Islandora community. By becoming a member, you help to ensure the sustainability of the Foundation and Islandora. Find out more about the Islandora Foundation and the responsibilities and benefits of membership.

Logos and Graphics

Making a poster or presentation about Islandora? We have logos and graphics you can use.

Contributor License Agreements

The community has generated a wide range of wonderful tools and additions to expand the utility of Islandora. Some of these contributions make it into the core set of modules that constitute an Islandora release, while others are shared more informally for use by the community as needed. In order to recognize these contributions and officially adopt them into future releases, we require that contributors complete an Individual Contributor License Agreement or Corporate Contributor License Agreement. This license is for your protection as a contributor as well as the protection of the Foundation and its users; it does not change your rights to use your own contributions for any other purpose. List of current Islandora iCLA/cCLAs.

Licensed Software Acceptance Procedure

The Islandora Foundation has provisions for accepting software created by third-parties into the Islandora Foundation distribution. Such acceptance requires that we exercise due diligence over the quality of the software and the provider's right to offer it. If the new functionality you are proposing could be accomplished by suggesting changes to an existing module, please consider submitting your changes through pull requests.

If you are proposing a new submodule for an existing module in an Islandora Foundation GitHub repo, that submodule must also be reviewed by our Licensed Software Acceptance Procedure.


The Islandora community uses GitHub as a shared platform for managing our development workflows. If you would like to contribute code to Islandora, GitHub is the venue. We maintain several GitHub organizations for different needs:


The latest code for modules in the Islandora and Islandora Legacy (7.x releases).

Islandora Dev-Ops

Scripts and deployment tools for building Islandora. 


Experimental and in-development code that may be in future releases. Use at your own risk. If you want to put a project in here, contact us


Terms of reference, records, and organization of the Islandora Interest Groups.


Old projects that are no longer compatible and not supported. No further development is expected.

Release Teams

Islandora has regular releases throughout the year, managed and completed entirely by volunteers. Keep an eye on the listserv for calls to sign up, and read more information about roles and duties.


Islandora holds regular sprints, with focuses ranging from ranging from features, bug-fixing, to documentation and testing. Watch the listserv and our blog for announcements about upcoming sprints.